ECM Workflow Management

Compu Serve has been specialized in the field of ECM and EDMS by building its own solution department with a team of professionals in this field and as a result and with the continuous of its vision. CompuServe has partnered with ELO Digital Office company.


  • Automate your business processes with ELO ECM Suite 11.
  • Protect frequently used documents.
  • Save the time spent in the workflow process.
  • Contributes in reducing the organization’s costs by reducing the cost of procedures.
  • Increase employees’ qualifications.
  • Develop the workflow process in the organization.


ELO has products to suit companies of all sizes and in every industry, from small businesses to big corporations. The ELO ECM system grows with your business and can be easily adapted to meet new requirements.

ELO Office

Small Offices

  • Document Management
  • Archiving
  • Client architecture
  • Database access
  • 4 archives
  • 200.000 documents
  • up to 10 Users
  • Network capable

ELO Professional

Small & medium

  • Workflow
  • Client-server architecture
  • windows based
  • SQL-based database
  • up to 2 billion documents
  • up to 10.000 Users

ELO Enterprise

Large scale

  • platform independent
  • Highly scalable
  • Client independent
  • Unlimited documents
  • unlimited Users
  • Portal integration

ELO SOLUTIONS Document Management Archiving and Workflow

Different companies have different requirements when it comes to enterprise content management solutions. Whatever your needs, ELO has a tailored ECM solution that supports all your business processes. ELO offers a broadly diversified portfolio of solutions for invoice management, mobile working, ERP integration, solutions designed for specific application such as in legal departments, and much more.


The standard ELO ECM Suite offers a range of innovative features designed to optimize and future-proof your business.


ELO Analytics

  • Monitor performance in one place with real-time data analysis

ELO iSearch

  • State of the art search technology

ELO Workflow

  • Keep information flowing with automated processes