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Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Based on the great experience gained by  Compu Serve  throughout its work in the field of information technology in the Egyptian market and through the difference partnerships that the company has undertaken, the company’s management has decided since 1997 to establish a sector of advanced technological solutions aimed at supporting the government policy to apply the latest information technology in its various institutions and to participate in the digital transformation vision for our country.

Compu Serve offers integrated solutions depending on the customers needs and requirements, these solutions depend on combining different products in order to achieve specific results to serve the customers’ needs and facilitate their work environment.

Four Elements for Successful Integrated Solutions 
  • Business-critical needs.
  • Value adding.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Seamless experience for buyers and users.
Solution Components :
  • Surveillance system.
  • Automatic gate.
  • Access control
  • Attendance Machine
  • Wire & Wireless Network
  • RTLS System
  • ERP Systems
  • ECM Systems
  • Decision Support System—DSS
  • etc.