Backlog Process Cycle


  • Documents are received from the client
  • Documents are sorted in batches
  • Each batch is placed in one box / folder.
  • Documents are captured via a barcode scanner once received to ensure an accurate track of all documents
  • Document is stamped by the capturing agents
  • Documents are unstapled
  • Documents are sorted if required
  • Separator or barcode is inserted to separate the documents
  • QC: preparation team check for the capture tamp to ensure all documents are captured in the previous step.
  • Documents are inserted into the scanner to scan all pages per document
  • Manual splitting is done at this step by the scanning agent if needed (in case barcode / separator was not recognized)
  • QC: Scanning count is compared to capture count to ensure no documents are lost / damaged during preparation or scanning.
  • Once the batch is scanned, it is transferred to the indexing team
  • Indexing team will capture any required fields within the capturing system
  • QC: indexing team will review the image quality, if the quality is not acceptable the document is sent for re-scan.
Quality Control
  • Once the indexing is done the batch is transferred to the QA team to check a sample of documents.
  • If the sample is not accepted, then the batch is moved back for re-indexing
  • If the batch is fully accepted or minor corrections are required, then the QA specialist will do the correction and accept the batch.
  • Pages are re-grouped into one document and separators are removed.
  • Document returned to the relevant batch box.
  • This is an addition QC step to ensure that all documents initially captured are in place within its correct batch.
  • Once the batch is fully accepted, it is exported to the document archiving system for storage.