Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

During a long period of time CompuServe has managed many digital transformation projects in various sectors of the country as well as various fields through which it dealt with the latest technologies and various types of documents so that it has great experience in this field and has a professional team in document management and digital transformation.
Backlog Conversion Service

Compu Serve is highly experienced in the area of providing document scanning, indexing and conversion services for backlog (past) documents. Compu Serve has a separate division (comprising specialist scanning and indexing manpower resources and supervisors) focusing on this part of the business.

Enterprise Content Management System Modules
ECM is much more than just the digital archiving of documents:

ECM is working with living documents within an intelligent system. Users can quickly find documents, data, and information of all kinds, link them to workflows, discuss using collaboration tools, and even analyze them using powerful tools.

An ECM system is at the heart of a company’s IT landscape. It communicates with all systems, maps digitized workflows across departments, and offers a wide range of technical extensions for different applications.

ECM stands for comprehensive, intelligent information management.

Content Management System Modules
ECM Implementation 

Are you ready to change things at your company? Put organizational processes to the test and optimize them? Then you’ve already taken the first important step. It’s not about abandoning established processes or even reducing the workforce. What it’s really about is rethinking your strategy, especially when it comes to recurring analog processes that prevent you and your employees from focusing on what is important – your success.

This is the value of an ECM system. Easily integrated with your existing IT landscape, ECM ensures automated processes, digital information management, security, and data protection. But how can you successfully implement an ECM system at your company?