ECM Modules


Is there a document archive hiding out in your company basement?

Introducing an ECM system can help you save space and ultimately money. ECM systems are all about filing documents digitally, providing access to data and information at one central location, and storing it in line with legal requirements. The system acts like a classic filing structure with digital cabinets, folders, and tabs.

Data Security

An ECM system is the perfect platform for secure handling of valuable business data. Security ensured through:

1.AES encryption

2.Encryption keys

3.Permissions to specific documents or for       specific users

Document managment system

ECM systems offer a digital document preview that users can apply digital stamps or sticky notes to. But what’s more important is the version control function: users working on documents check them out, which is clearly visible to all system users. Once checked back in, these documents can once again be edited by others. A plus: The edited versions are assigned serial numbers for end-to-end transparency. The times of sending documents by e-mail while they are being worked on – with the unfortunate result of everyone having different versions – are over.


Do you spend a lot of time at work searching for what you need? Your colleague sent an e-mail containing that important document last week… which one was it again? ECM offers sophisticated search functions:

Search for specific keywords
Narrow down searches to a specific date or period
Search for the user who created/sent a document
Search for specific document contents, and not just the file name
Filter by specific file types (e.g. PDF).

Do your invoices land in different inboxes, only to be transferred from point A to point B later on? Analog approval processes are cumbersome and time-consuming. Automated digital processes are needed so that documents and information are available where they are needed – fast. With workflows, these processes can be mapped digitally in the ECM system:

  • Approvals in a matter of seconds
  • Customized processes at the press of a button
  • Process visualizations for an overview of the current status

When it comes to managing company information, collaboration is key. This is one reason why chat technologies have become so popular within companies. An ECM offering a chat function allows users to discuss with colleagues right within a document feed. It is also possible to e-mail links to documents and information and documents in place of documents, saving space in your e-mail inbox. Hashtags and polls are just a few more of the functions that provide for optimized collaboration in an ECM system.


Wouldn’t you save a great deal of time if you were able to make sense of complex data? Modern ECM systems feature intelligent components for analyzing and visualizing data right within the system. Tap into your data quickly:

  • Analyze large volumes of data fast and efficiently
  • Visualize data in the form of charts, key figures, and tag clouds
  • Connect data from different sources

One important aspect of enterprise content management is the availability of information at one central location within the company. You are out of the office a lot and want to access your data no matter where you are? Then you need mobile software solutions for your smartphone, tablet, or access via a web browser.

  • Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)
  • Secure web access to the ECM system via a browser
  • Data synchronization across all devices